Sad news about Wrekless skate shop…

‘Post by Adam’

With the news of Ashford gaining a new local run bike store, it can now be confirmed that Ashford’s only skate store is to close down. Wrekless skate shop has been around since before I started skateboarding and I doubt I would be skating now if it wasn’t for them. Most of the older generation of skateboarders in Ashford, including myself, will remember Wrekless for being the place to hang out after school, or when it was wet or just to meet up before going for a skate as well as the old faces that used to work behind the counter. Original owner Paul Woodward opened Wrekless back in 1999 with Chris “Sticker” Weatherly’s and Simon Woods’ ugly faces also working behind the counter.

Paul and current owner Jackie have sponsored many local competitions over the years and put in a lot of hard work to keep Wrekless going.  It will be sad to see them go and I think it will be a loss to the Ashford community, especially to the already dwindling skate scene.

To see Simons’ profile on 4TwentyTwo check in February.


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