JBron and Max Mo

Yesterday I went for a skate with Jbron and Max Mo, two people i havent really seen for a while. We met in the afternoon as the dark grey cloud started to loom over Thanet, so we drove to are’s where we saw blue in the distance and tried to remember spots we hadn’t been for a while one of which was Palm Bay.

After a quick football session Max mo started to skate the bump and i found a small goal post and it didnt take long for him to try and flip it. In standard Max mo style he slammed a few times and then landed it clean.

We drove around a few more places avoiding getting wet and managed to get loads done and a few more pics. I will upload them in the future no doubt in Photo Of The Week.

Also while on topic of JBron he has decided to start his tumblr again so click here and follow him. Here is a picture from the last time i skated with him…

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