Ben Taylor, Levi Shane Gardner and Adam Pau join Illusive Clothing

Founder of Ashford born BMX Company ‘ShitBikeCo’, has announced a release of a brand new clothing company titled ‘Illusive Clothing Co”. Officially  announced on the team are BMX riders Phil Martin, Mikey Turner and hopefully soon Kent local Mark Love.

Illusive Clothing Co are also happy to announce that there are also to hook up Ashford’s Levi Shane-Gardener and Hythe’s Ben Taylor to start off their skate team. 4TwentyTwo’s own Adam Pau will also be representing for Illusive doing some behind the scenes work, trying to skate whenever he can!

Westskate’s indoor skatepark in Eastbourne will be stocking Illusive clothing in the on site shop. Both the Black and White classic T’s will be available as well as there new Ltd ed Westskates T. So get yourself down there have a ride or skate, check out the shop and grab yourself one.
It can also be announced that Illusive Clothing will be collaborating with 4TwentyTwo to produce some limited edition T’s. There will be a limited amount done so keep an eye on the near future on how to grab yourselves one.

This is still a very new venture and is hopefully the start of something much more to come. Search ‘Illusive Clothingco’ on Facebook to follow whats happing with the complete team and much more.

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